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Advantages of video surveillance cameras

Advantages of video surveillance cameras

Have you ever thought why video surveillance cameras as one of security methods are so popular? Moreover, video surveillance is used at the objects of any type: both at open spaces (e.g., parking, railway stations etc.) and inside the premises (shops, banks, offices, warehouses). The answer to this question is obvious. Video surveillance cameras help considerably cut security providing costs and improve its quality.

Security providing for the object that is equipped with video surveillance cameras, requires fewer guards, though cut of the costs for salary – it is not the only advantage. Video surveillance cameras are fixing and demonstrate to the operator all the events taking place at the object in real time, which allows controlling and taking right decisions. One operator can monitor simultaneously a lot of sites that allow reducing number of the employees.

Modern opportunities

Modern video surveillance cameras are very functional. In addition to displaying of the events on the screen, video surveillance allows to:

  • Record everything that happens;
  • Carry out tracking for specific objects;
  • Identify numbers of cars, entering or leaving the territory;
  • Modern video surveillance cameras allow to detect faces;
  • Other functions, depending on the tasks.

In case of illegal penetration to the protected object, video surveillance cameras allow, not only quickly react to the emergency situation, but also clearly fix what is happening.

Video record of the crime very often is the main weapon when searching intruders. Ordering security systems in the company «Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība» you will get modern reliable and multifunctional equipment. Our specialists will divide the territory into zones, which will reduce your costs for technical equipment, without degrading performance. Depending on the wishes of the customer and type of the object, it is possible to install wired or wireless video surveillance systems. If necessary, we can organize remote access to the system with possibility to connect to any of the cameras via internet. Connection is secure; it will not allow unauthorized connections and allows monitoring the object in real time.