/ / / Fire alarm system – fire-prevention security system

Fire alarm system – fire-prevention security system

Fire alarm system – fire-prevention security system

Fire alarm system is installed at the objects with purpose promptly detect places of fire and take measures that eliminate following expansion of fire. Fire safety, by the highest standards, is more important than general security of the objects. Security provision can be only a decision of the owner, but installation of fire alarm system for the objects of a particular type is the task that should be fulfilled. None of the supermarkets, office buildings, schools or hospitals can operate without such a system.

Company «Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība» on beneficial terms performs services for the design and installation of fire safety systems of any complexity. We use the most modern equipment and can create systems with reliable thermal, gas, smoke and combined sensors having high sensitivity and minimal risk of false response.

Functions of fire alarm system

Functionality, which has a fire alarm system, is determined depending on the type of protected object. It can perform only notification and indicate localization of the source of fire, and can carry out a range of measures aimed at preventing expansion of fire and provision of people’s safety.

In case of fire, fire alarm system can perform:

  • notification of the occurrence of fire;
  • disconnection of the ventilation system and startup of smoke removal system;
  • turning on of the emergency lighting system , indicating evacuation routes;
  • automatic unlocking of emergency exits;
  • disconnection of power supply system;
  • other functions that are required by fire safety.

Not only safety of the people, but also the extent of damage done by the fire before it will be liquidated, depends on realization efficiency of the actions listed above.

Company «Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība» works with different fire alarm systems, that in case of ignition alert owner of the object or the person responsible for fire safety, notify the fire service, etc.