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Physical security – you will find out about real security

Physical security – you will find out about real security

Physical security of the object implies a set of measures directed at creation of secure provisions of company’s activities. They should ensure protection of life and health of the object’s employees and safety of material properties. We successfully cooperate with organizations of all forms of ownership and complexity.

Professional guards ensure and support existing regimes at the secured objects.

All employees, whose main direction of work is physical security of the objects, are specially trained. We select candidates for this work very strictly and because of that specialists of RAS keep cool mind in any extreme situations, act quickly and coordinately. They are able to prevent any threat.

The most effective protection – complex protection.

To ensure more effective physical security of the object we recommend installing special technical security means. Design and installation of security alarm system will be fulfilled by employees of our company. Signals from security systems will be displayed on the console that allows ensuring the most secure protection of the entrusted objects – unauthorized entry, sudden ignition, water leak or outgassing – nobody and nothing can pass by our employees and security systems - "bird will not fly, the fire does not slip, and the water will not leak."

You can entrust us your objects, life and health of your employees, friends and relatives – thanks to professionally organized physical security, staff and visitors of different institutions, your relatives living next to you, your property and property of your companies will be secured round-the-clock. Be confident about your security.

Security of the perimeter – everything is under control

One of the most important issues today is ensuring of security at the important objects of strategic function. Airports, railways, traffic interchanges need their boundaries to be well protected. Administration of the following objects – large logistics warehouses, terminals, huge shopping malls and many other organizations – should also be very interested at the security services. Problem here is length of the perimeter, regular security systems can’t manage such volume of work, and some area certainly is “not covered”.

Another obstacle for regular perimeter security of such huge objects is presence of different barriers. They will not be very serious obstacle for the people who would like to penetrate to the territory of the object. Patrol detour of the territory also will not be able to ensure reliable security, because of the territory.

Such objects as airports, stocks of combustible materials, logistics warehouses may contain explosive substances and different equipment. In such a situation security of the perimeter becomes indispensable. Security of the perimeter is carried out in the following way: perimeter of the object is divided into few rectangular segments, boundaries of which are strengthened with signaling devices that are assembled to the walls, fences, stands.

RAS company, when ensuring security of the perimeter employs only modern annunciator models that made a good showing when utilized at the different state and commercial objects. We offer constructional design, assembling and ensure warranty service of the perimeter security systems.

Before signing an agreement for provision of security services, our employees carry out complex investigation of the object, analysis of inner and outer potential threats and determine the most optimal variants for ensuring security of the object. Security of the perimeter of your company means that all the territory is under control. Safety is guaranteed by modern and reliable security systems and our qualified employees.