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How to choose video surveillance systems?

How to choose video surveillance systems?

Video surveillance systems are used at the private objects and at different enterprises, warehouses and in the offices more often. Today, market is overflowed with high variety of video surveillance systems and sometimes it is very difficult to decide which system to choose. When fire alarm system is acquired – problems are all the same. That is why it is very essential to understand what systems there are and what is the difference between them.

Main types of video surveillance

Very often customer wants to get high-quality products at low costs. Company Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība offers various possibilities amongst which one can find also inexpensive video surveillance systems.

Three main categories can be mentioned:

  • Models, that require personal computer;
  • Non-PC models;
  • IP video surveillance.

First category is highly demanded and popular. Security is provided by the installed cameras and everything is recorded onto computer. Today, such schemes are the cheapest ones, as they are widely popularized.

Non-PC equipment attracts customers with its ease of use. IP video surveillance is not so common yet, but this option is very flexible and qualitative. Our company cooperates only with certified manufacturers and can offer really expansive choice of different systems. What we can offer?

Company Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība can offer installation of the following systems:

  • Security by video surveillance cameras;
  • Notification systems;
  • Fire alarm systems;
  • Wireless systems etc.;
  • Intercoms.

Our mission is to ensure your safety and safety of your property, that is why our team consists only of experienced professionals, they are experts in security, programmers, and assemblers. We offer video surveillance systems of different levels and price categories; we can help you to find the most optimal solution for you and to suggest where and how it is appropriate to install the equipment. The most important is to make sure that the equipment is working properly and performing all the tasks requested. We are confident that working with us you will not have any problems with video surveillance systems.

Professional security of different objects is our specialization. We are taking care of the safety of our citizens, aspiring to improve conditions of their private lives and business.