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Modern security alarm systems

Modern security alarm systems

Security alarm systems appeared a long time ago and since then they are constantly improving. It is due to the fact that criminals invent new ways of intrusion to the objects of their interest, using technical innovations. That is why specialists involved in the development of security systems should be always few steps ahead of them. Our holding company “Rīgas Apsardze Sabiedrība” specializes in the security of private homes, apartments, offices, warehouse and production premises and also perimeter of the territory.

We offer modern security alarm systems that can ensure complete integrated security of the property and people, situated at the object. /p>

Governmental and municipal institutions, private and legal persons are amongst our customers, they have chosen our company services due to different reasons, but all of them are united by a desire to provide maximum protection for home, apartment, office or territory for reasonable price.

Choosing holding “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” you will get following benefits:

  • Possibility to choose wired or wireless security alarm systems – very often wiring in the premises is undesirable or even impossible;
  • Provision of SMS-service – you always will be aware of switching on/off of the alarm, so you could control arrival and departure of the children;
  • Possibility to choose the most effective security mode for the specific object, including night mode – apartment is under protection during night time, but people can move around it without fear that the alarm will be operated;
  • Possibility to choose the appropriate security alarm system for the apartments with pets, not worrying about false system functioning.

Another benefit is an individual approach to each customer. You don’t have to understand all the specific information concerning different security alarm systems, which are widely performed at the market now. We will analyze your situation, taking into account your requirements and wishes to offer you the best options for the security provision at your object.