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Modern security systems

Modern security systems

Modern video surveillance security systems had been designed to ensure safety of different territories. Security systems transmit information that is captured by cameras to the central security control. The advantage of this method is the ability to react instantly on any situation, and then view the record from archive.

Installation of video cameras allows significantly reduce costs for security personnel, because fewer people are needed to monitor the territory with such a system. In addition to cost reduction, other advantage of video surveillance is full visual control of everything happening on the territory, and even one person can monitor this.

Capabilities of modern video surveillance cameras

Today, security systems, using video surveillance cameras are constantly improved and are able to solve many important tasks, in particular:

  • Record everything happening around;
  • Monitor specific objects;
  • Detect vehicle numbers and faces.

In case of illegal actions happening at the object which is monitored by the cameras, it is possible not only to react instantly, but also record everything. Such records can be very important tool in case of trials or search of criminals.

Services provided by “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabeidrība”

Our security company “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” is working at the security market for the last 20 years. During this time we have provided security services for the huge amount of objects. Today we provide the following security systems:

  • Security alarm systems;
  • Fire alarm systems;
  • Video surveillance systems (also wireless systems);
  • Intercoms (both audio and video);
  • Integrated security systems.

Complexity level of each system depends on the secured object. Depending on its type the most optimal security system is designed. You can view our catalogue in order to get acquainted with the products assortment of our company. Our catalogue features different models of the most reliable brands.

Specialists of our company any time can go to any region of Latvia and install there requested security systems. The works are performed in the shortest terms, taking into account requirements and wishes of the customer.