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Lock, alarm system and…

Lock, alarm system and…

Safety of the apartment or house is not less important than planning or quality of the construction works. Any security company says that security questions should be solved in a complex way – hoping not only for durability of the doors or windows, but also installing the alarm system, getting acquainted with the neighbors etc. Holding security company „Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība”, that works in the filed of security services more than 15 years, gives some tips on the security of your home, meaning, the security of yourself and your close ones.

Safety of home or the apartment should consist from many components, including security services, vigilance of the owner and other residents, also secure doors and windows are very important.

  • Passive ways for protection of the apartment: a window, doors, locks – these are the first and the most important things for home security.

The door shouldn’t necessarily be from steel: solid wooden door is also fine. Experts of "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" consider that doorframe is much more important and it makes sense to order doorframe made out of steel. In addition, its mounting in the doorway should be strong – there should be at least two powerful anchors on each side of the box. If it is possible - the attaching points must be hidden.

Just few people pay attention to the strength of interior doors, though it is your "line of defense number two": even if an intruder has got into the apartment, he can be isolated in one of the rooms or you can hide yourself there.

  • Active ways for protection of the apartment: technical security and vigilance.

Purchased doors, locks and windows are complemented by technical security: basic set of security equipment (security panel, siren (110 db), magnetic contact, transformer, 12V battery, movement sensor, transmitter with antenna) will ensure you tranquility and confidence in the safety of your property. Of course, if the experts recommend putting additional equipment, you should listen to their arguments.

It is interesting that even a fake camera that simulates the work that was established by the security company is able, at least, to scare the intruder.

Concerning such a concept as technical security, we would like to note: technical security should not only include the design and installation of security systems, connection to the central security control and response of mobile security group, but also expert advices on security.

Thus, experts of "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" recommend:

  • Try to combine passive ways of protection (doors, locks and windows) with active ways - technical security, your and your neighbors’ vigilance.
  • Doors should be selected based not on the quality of finishing or the material, but on the reliability of mounting in the doorway, on the strength of the doorframe
  • Leaving the house, close the windows and lock the doors, don’t save on the locks - cheap locks are easy to break.
  • Choose the security company that will not only install security systems, but also will give you advice, will carry out warranty and after sales service of the equipment.
  • Activate SMS service – receive messages about status of your property - opening / closing of the object, alarm, damages, etc. This way, you can control your property around the clock..
  • Consider the feasibility of installation fire alarm system, in case of fire, the alarm will be sent to the central security control and all necessary measures to eliminate the fire will be taken.