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Security alarm system and its technical capabilities

Security alarm system and its technical capabilities

If you would like to increase the safety level of your property, security alarm system will be an excellent tool for this. The important thing is what kind of system you are going to install, because each system has its own limits.

Company “Rīgas Apsarzes Sabiedrība” can provide you with quality security and fire alarm systems; we can install video surveillance system at your object.

Technical potential of our devices

Any system installed by our company can perform different number of tasks.System ensures:

  • Adequate fire safety, that is not only accompanied by the sound signal, but also responds to the source of the alarm;
  • Protection against break-ins – any unauthorized entry will be immediately fixed.

Capabilities of multi-functional alarm system

We are using wireless radio channel security alarm systems, which are practically invisible for the untrained eye. These devices react to any unauthorized intrusion by transmitting a signal to the central security control or by providing sound notification (customer himself makes the choice). It is worth noting that first option is more efficient as human factor is involved and this is a group of professionals in our company; they are capable of rapid response and immediate actions.

All devices can function under different weather and light conditions. We are ready to organize even the night video surveillance. Security alarm system is non- volatile, as it has an independent power supply. Therefore, physical and fire safety will be maintained under any conditions. With our help, you can set access control, that is, if necessary, security and fire safety of specific objects will be enhanced.

Company "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" provides a full range of services, both physical and technical. We work only with reliable systems that have a wide range of capabilities. Cooperation with us - it is a guarantee of safety of your property and of the order on the territory of your object.