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Security company will help you to feel free

Security company will help you to feel free

Every human being, wherever he is, wants to feel free and not have to worry every minute about his own safety and the safety of his close people. But the conditions of modern business development do not always allow you to feel that freedom. Envy of spiteful persons or even outright desire to harm the object of envy lead to the fact that a person requires the services of a security company.

People want to protect themselves and their close ones, as well as private and commercial property. That is why at the moment services of security companies are highly demanded. You can safely continue to address all your problems, but all the security tasks will be solved by the security company «Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība».

Our customers, including owners of restaurants and cafes, shops and other businesses were able to assess the level of training and professionalism of our employees.

Addressing our company, you can be absolutely sure that :

  • both during day and night, your property will be safe;
  • thanks to the prompt actions of our employees, your property will always be adequately protected;
  • our employees can provide assistance and advice to prevent any action on the entrusted property;
  • You will always be provided comprehensive protection;

Our security company provides design, installation and technical service of the following security systems:

  • Fire alarm systems
  • Security Alarm Systems
  • Video surveillance Systems
  • anti-theft devices
  • audio and video control systems (intercoms)
  • access control Systems
  • perimeter security systems

We approach safety tasks in a complex way, because only comprehensive measures and elimination of any risks can give full guarantee of your safety.

As we take care of our reputation, security services in our company are carried out by carefully selected employees. We certainly take into account their physical and mental health, because the protection of objects implies a rapid response in any situation, plus professional ethics.

Our employees are tested in the following categories: general health, level of physical training, psychological resistance, the ability to take decisions in extreme situations, ability to handle weapons and means of technical protection.

Our security company is a reliable and proven team of responsible people who will bear the full responsibility of your life and property.