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Security services: price of your safety!

Security services: price of your safety!

Self-organization of the safety quite often is very meaningless, because every professional criminal knows all the peculiarities of break-ins and searching of caches. In case your life might be at risk, you need a qualified physical security. Many people don’t want to apply to the security companies due to the fact that security services require financial costs, but these costs are justified, which is also proven by international experience.

What influences the price?

Company “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” has very democratic price policy, but prices can be different, because of some factors:

  • Degree of complexity of the secured object (size of territory, distance from the city, conditions, the number of strategically important facilities, the crime rate in the area);
  • Whether additional security systems are required (cameras, thermal viewers etc.);
  • At which extent physical security should be provided.

How to explain different prices at the market of security services?

Prices for security services are very different in Latvia and there are a lot of reasons why it is so. The main reason – it is quality of the services provided and proficiency of the team members. Company “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” differs from other companies, because:

  • We hire only qualified employees that have impressive physical training, possess skills of close fight and weapon holding and that are able to respond promptly in emergency situations;
  • We have all the required security systems that can increase your safety level and also to simplify the work of our employees;
  • Our company strictly follows all commitments of the agreement.

It is impossible precisely evaluate life and safety of the property, but there is a chance to reduce risks and protect you from different troubles. Security services are performed in compliance with all the rules of confidentiality. We are ready to work with objects of any complexity as we are confident that we can perform our tasks at the highest level. Our physical security can work even in extreme conditions, where it is essential to take strategic decisions at the shortest time.

Rīgas Apsarzdes Sabiedrība – it is not only a guarantee of you tranquil sleep, but also a reliable partner that can provide the proper level of service. We provide only the most modern and qualitative systems, that in combination with our experienced staff make your property absolutely invulnerable. Remember, safety also has its price!