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Video surveillance systems are profitable?

Video surveillance systems are profitable?

Yes, they are. And this profit goes not only to the security company, specialized on installation and maintenance of these systems. For property owners such systems allow get benefits such as significant cost cuts for security services. At the same time quality of these services and of course security of the objects improves. High level of security and constant monitoring of the site, due to the wise installation of cameras is achieved with the involvement of fewer guards than in the absence of such equipment.

Modern functionality

Modern video surveillance systems are very functional. Equipment, installed by the security company "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" has following opportunities:

  • Monitoring of the site and fixing of appearance and disappearance of the objects.
  • Monitoring at day and night time. Monitoring of the objects without lighting with cameras of video surveillance system that have infrared illumination.
  • 24-hour monitoring or recording only at the moment of movement detection in the area, controlled by cameras.
  • Usage both of wired and wireless cameras.
  • Saving of footage with possibility to replay and edit.
  • Remote control of the object from any computer, connected to internet (data transmission is enabled through secure channel that excludes access options of unauthorized persons).
  • Sms service about alarm in case of an emergency situation.

It should be noted that modern video surveillance systems allow you to store footage on a remote server, which makes impossible stealing or destroying of the information by intruders that might penetrate to the protected object.

Video surveillance – it is profitable and secure.

As it was mentioned above, security services, organized including video surveillance systems allow increasingly reduce costs for security provision of the object. Practice shows that such systems help to stop criminal actions, but in case when such actions have already happened – to find intruders, thanks to the footage.

Security company "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" has extensive experience in providing security services for any type of objects (from houses and apartments to bank branches), and we can install video surveillance systems of any complexity.

Our security services are your safety guarantee.