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What objects require security services?

What objects require security services?

At our unsafe time security services are highly relevant. When choosing a company that provides security services, customer usually is taking into account its reputation, price policy and quality of the equipment used. Company Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība offer technical and physical security of the objects of different complexity levels, depending on the customer requirements.

Types of the provided services

There are 3 main security types:

  • Technical security;
  • Physical security;
  • кIntegrated security.

Each of the above mentioned types has its peculiarities:

  1. Technical security allows to detect threats immediately. Security and fire alarm systems can not only inform about unauthorized entry or distress, but also neutralize or eliminate the problem.
  2. Physical security is provided by the people. We have very responsible approach to the recruitment process in our company. All our employees attend special trainings, they possess various fighting techniques, and they are capable to cope with a weapon. All our team members are able to respond very quickly and orientate themselves in the emergency situations.
  3. Integrated security is the ideal solution, but the cost for the provision of such a service is higher. The combination of work of the technical equipment and human being makes safety level as high as possible.
  4. What objects need security?

    Nowadays, you can’t find safety guarantees anywhere. That is why security services are highly demanded. At home, in the office, even at school security will not be unnecessary. And that is not only protection from criminals, but also from fire, control of the employees’ work etc. A large percentage of people in Latvia have already installed security alarm systems at homes, they actively use technical security of the business; they try to subscribe for security services at once. Security services were much demanded also many years ago, when technical support was not at the same level as nowadays. Today, technical support is on the completely new level and Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība is ready to show you this.

    Advantages of our company

    We provide security services at very professional and high level. We know everything about security. Day and night your property will be secured. We are using only leading technologies:

    • Security systems;
    • Video surveillance systems;
    • Fire alarm systems;
    • Anti-theft devices;
    • Perimeter security systems and other.

    Physical security, provided by our company, is remarkable for discipline, coordinated work and readiness for risk.

    Coming to Rīgas Apsardzes Sabeidrība you get guarantees, but we take responsibility for your life and property.