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Development of "security concept "

Today, in the companies issues of safety and security of management and production processes are managed by the security department of the company or by the security company, which work is based on the company’s security concept.

Company’s security concept should provide answers to some very simple questions:

  • Which people and which objects need to be protected;
  • What threats can arise in company’s working process;
  • Who and how will protect the company against potential threats;
  • What systems it is needed to use to ensure the safety of the company and how they should work.

Security company "Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība" proposes the development of „security concept” for your company. Security concept is analysis and recommendations for minimization or elimination of such negative factors:

  • Criminal and terrorist threats (physical protection from street and organized crimes, protection from extortion, frauds, and other illegal activities);
  • Threats to company’s information security (maintaining a certain level of confidentiality of documents, computer data, communications);
  • Threats to company’s entrepreneurial security (protection of trade secrets and protection of interests of the company in a competitive environment );
  • Threats of natural origin (technical nature emergencies, natural disasters and other force majeure situations).

Company’s security concept is designed specifically for each company, as it should reflect individual characteristics of a particular company and ensure the safety of each of its components, up to the "smallest screw" in the overall system, as well as the security of the company as a whole.

Security concept, that is offered by specialists of “Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība" is special with its clear methodological basis, thanks to what all safety ensuring works can be reduced to the level of clear instructions, descriptions of techniques and methods. In this case, instructions will not only provide methods of the elimination of obvious threats, but they will also include recommended reactions of the personnel on the impact of hazards, the occurrence of which is unlikely or wasn’t envisaged by security concept.

During the development of the company’s security concept, specialists of "Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība" will do the following:

  • Analysis of existing and potential negative factors that threaten the security of the company;
  • Foundation of the security department of the company, or audit of the existing security system and working out of recommendations for its upgrading (director’s body-guard department, technical security systems, etc.);
  • Upgrading of professional level of the staff of the existing security system;
  • Development of recommendations and establishment of rules for employees’ actions in the events of emergencies;
  • Trainings and learning situations with employees of the company and security department specialists.

Company’s security concept is developed on the basis of a thorough analytical study, but the formation of clear instructions and precise recommendations for the security of a particular company is impossible without serious long-term experience in this area.

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