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Technical security of objects

Security company "Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība" provides a reliable comprehensive security and safety, both for individuals and legal entities, including public establishments, for all possible categories of complexity, using the most advanced technologies and security methods. We offer innovative solutions in the provision of security services related to the development and installation of technical security systems. In modern conditions, technical security systems have become an integral part of the organization of reliable protection.

Security services using technical security systems or technical (control panel) security of objects – it is round the clock monitoring of the state of security or CCTV alarm systems installed on sites, with arrival of mobile security group upon receipt of alarm.

Technical security of objects eliminates the risk of unauthorized access to a protected object or the possibility of other illegal activities; it ensures complete safety of lives and property of people.

Property protection and ensuring of safety using technical means includes:

  • installation of security systems and their maintenance by certified professionals;
  • fixing the events taking place on site (system activation in alarm mode and removal from alarm mode, alarm time) up to one second in the memory of CSC and providing written information about the state of the object on request;
  • a panic button for emergency arrival of mobile security group.
  • use of few communication channels (excessive duplication);
  • continuous monitoring of data transmission channels;
  • SMS- information about system activation in alarm mode and removal from alarm mode and alarms;
  • installation of video cameras with image in the Internet on-line, allowing you to control the object at any time and in any place;
  • Implementation of systems for the transmission of digital video over any networks.

If there are technical security systems installed on site, alarm signal arrives by main or backup channel to the central security control (CSC). On the monitor, CSC operator has all necessary information about the object, as well as information about the type of alarm message. Immediately, mobile security group is sent to the protected object. If necessary, depending on the nature of the alarm, police, fire department or other emergency services are informed about the situation. CSC operator also gets in touch with a customer or its authorized contact person and reports about incident.

Technical security of objects can be implemented both as a separate service and in combination with physical security services. This allows to save a lot of money on security, without decreasing the level of security on site, as well as to minimize human factor.

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