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Valuable cargo escort

Holding security company "Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība" renders services of valuable cargo escort in order to protect documentation, goods, and material valuables during the entire trip.

Cargo escort is accomplished by well trained and experienced employees that can ensure qualitative protection both of the vehicle and cargo in all transportation conditions.

Valuable cargo escort includes:

  • Recommendations for the guaranteed cargo delivery;
  • Planning of optimal route;
  • Taking into account particular characteristics of the route, cargo and vehicle type;
  • Control of the loading and unloading of material valuables;
  • Two-way communication between the guard and operator of Central Security Control;
  • Additional services upon agreement.

During the trip by the selected route, employees of the holding security company “Rigas Apsardzes Sabiedriba” ensure full control over the condition and location of cargo; formation of escorting groups is ensured taking into account peculiarities of the route, cargo and vehicle type used for transportation.

Price for security services is determined and agreed with the customer, taking into account level of difficulty of security services, degree of risk and security mode.

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