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Video monitoring

Video monitoring is a combination of technical means and organizational solutions aimed at creating flexible and affordable video surveillance systems, video recording, storage and review of images. Video monitoring provides the opportunity to create both simple and large-scale video surveillance systems.

Video cameras constantly monitor protected objects, regardless of whether the operator controls their work or not. When camera detects an emergency situation, the alarm is sent to the operator of the Central Security control and the command to start recording is sent to the server. Depending on the nature of an emergency situation, video surveillance equipment might turn on fire alarm system.

Video monitoring system includes:

  • Twenty-four-hour recording, scheduled recording, motion recording;
  • Simultaneous management of several surveillance zones using one computer;
  • Visual confirmation of the situation that occurred on site;
  • Remote access to the video archive, storage of the archive;
  • Notification of the client about unauthorized access by SMS or phone call ;
  • Filtration of false alarms.

The specialists of the company "Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība" remind that once you have installed video monitoring system, you can control objects anywhere in the world in real time and be aware of everything that is happening on site.

Configuration of video monitoring system is individual for every customer. Enhancement of video surveillance system can be implemented easily, quickly, very efficiently and with low costs.

Before signing an agreement for provision of security services, specialists of security company “Rigas Apsardzes Sabiedriba” carry out complete examination of the object, analyzing existing and potential risks, inner and outer threats, they determine optimal solutions for provision of security services and also give recommendations on the security scheme and security equipment installation.

Price for security services is determined and agreed with the customer, taking into account level of difficulty of security services, degree of risk and security mode.

Central Security Control of “Rigas Apsardzes Sabiedriba” is equipped with all types of trouble proof connections; it provides twenty-four-hour control of the protected objects and quick response of mobile security groups.

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