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House (cottage, summer cottage) security

House security is a necessary measure to protect your property. Very often exactly houses become objects of assaults and robberies. Emergency situations, unfortunately, could happen as well. Security alarm system installation in the house allows you to be confident in the safety of your property, even during a long absence. Security equipment of the company "Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība" eliminates the possibility of intrusion into the house, and allows detecting smoke and fire.

How does security work?

There is security and/or fire equipment installed in your house (cottage, summer cottage) that is connected to “Rigas Apsardzes Sabiedriba” central security control. In case of unauthorized entry to the premises security alarm system is activated and alert is sent to security control. Mobile security group immediately is going to the object, and alert information is reported to the owner of the premises or to its authorized representative. In case a signal of smoke or fire is received to the security control, the operator resends it to the fire-rescue service.

Today technical security of the houses is the most reliable, convenient and cost-effective solution for the protection of property:

  • There can be installed both wired and wireless alarm systems in your house (cottage, summer cottage). Wireless systems are used in cases where wiring is impossible.
  • On customer’s request, it is possible to connect sms - service. A message can contain different information, for instance, about setting the alarm system and its removal. SMS - service is very convenient for the owners of summer cottages, for example, it allows distantly control property.
  • The presence of pets in the house (cottage, summer cottage) is not a problem; in this case adjustable movement sensors can be installed.
  • There are various modes of setting the alarm system in the house. At night, the system can be set to night mode, which allows easily move around the house.

Our specialists install security and/or fire systems in any suburb of Riga, Jelgava, in Jekabpils and other regions of Latvia. Works are carried out quickly, based on your requirements and at the time convenient for you.

Subscription fee includes:

  • Security alarm system warranty service;
  • Mobile security group response to the alert;
  • SMS – service, message about the changes in the mode of alarm system.

Order service for the security of your house (cottage, summer cottage) and the installation of security and / or fire alarm system you can on our website or by contacting the security consultant by phone +800 08555. The technician will contact you to arrange a visit, on the basis of which you will be offered a variety of configurations for security and / or fire alarm system exactly for your house (cottage, summer cottage).

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