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Intercom installation became very common for ensuring additional safety for apartments and private houses. Intercom allows communication outside the building, but it is not a security system – it is just one of the elements of a common security system responsible for access control into the building. Intercom system can be represented by an audio or video device. It can be equipped with color or black-and-white monitors.

Intercom systems are separated from other security systems and resources, exact configuration of the intercom system should be determined by our specialist on site.

Intercom for house (cottage, summer cottage).

Intercoms for private houses are not only access control devices, but also a tool for opening entrance gate from inside the building. Very often house is situated in the heart of the territory, and possibility to open the gate with intercom provides additional comfort to owners. According to the standard, intercom part, which is responsible for calling the owners' home, is set on the front gate, and the second part with a microphone and a video monitor is set in the house.

Intercom for apartment house.

Intercom for apartment house is a device that maintains order and security in the entrance. Intercom is an electronic calling and talking device and it allows persons that are inside the building to contact its guests, to block or allow them access to the house. Call block is usually installed near the front entrance door and the second part with a microphone and a video monitor in the hallway of each apartment.

Advantages of intercom:

  • Intercom System can be installed in any house and entryway;
  • The devices are quite simple (consist of a call block, the lock and intercom);
  • In the case of a call all talks with visitors can be held using intercom.

Our specialists install intercoms in any suburb of Riga, Jelgava, in Jekabpils and other regions of Latvia. Works are carried out quickly, based on your requirements and at the time convenient for you.

Order service for intercom (audio and video access control system) installation you can on our website or by contacting the security consultant by phone +800 08555. The technician will contact you to arrange a visit, on the basis of which you will be offered an option of intercom system installation exactly for your house or entryway.

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