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Panic button

Panic button for apartment and for house

Panic Button – is an element of one of the most accessible and inexpensive security types. Panic button is used for emergency call of "Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība" mobile security group in the case of illegal actions on private property, in a house or apartment. There can be 2 types of panic buttons: fixed or mobile. Nowadays more and more popular become mobile panic buttons (breloques).

Operation of panic button is very simple. Signal goes to the security control immediately after you press the button and the operator immediately sends mobile security group of the company to the object.

Fixed panic button

Fixed panic buttons are installed ​​in locations invisible to outsiders, but easily accessible for the owners, so that in case of danger, the owner or members of his family could quietly and quickly get to it and send an alarm signal to a central security control of "Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība".

Mobile panic button

Mobile panic button is the most popular among owners. They are made in the form of breloques and you can always take them along. Mobile panic buttons allow promptly call mobile security group of "Rīgas apsardzes sabiedrība" with just one easy click. Wireless alarm button is ideal for owners of apartments, houses and cottages in the countryside. If you want, you can order a few buttons, for example, for each member of your family.

Advantages of panic button as a type of security

  • Fast and economical connection;
  • Call of security group is unnoticed. The appearance of mobile security group is unexpected for intruder;
  • Mobile panic button allows transmit a signal from any place of the protected object (it is discussed with each customer separately).

Our specialists install panic buttons in any suburb of Riga, Jelgava, in Jekabpils and other regions of Latvia. Works are carried out quickly, based on your requirements and at the time convenient for you.

Subscription fee includes:

  • Warranty service of panic button;
  • Mobile security group response to the alert;

Order service for panic button installation you can on our website or by contacting the security consultant by phone +800 08555. The technician will contact you to arrange a visit, on the basis of which you will be offered an option of panic button installation exactly for your house or apartment.

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