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I started cooperation with security company SIA "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" in 2008; I installed security alarm system in my apartment. I was attracted by the fact that conclusion of the agreement and installation of all necessary equipment – it all took just one day. I was pleasantly surprised by the price of this service. SIA “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” team is very responsible. I put security alarm system also in my office. I’m very pleased with our cooperation. I can recommend SIA “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” only from the best side.

Natalja, Riga.

Due to the departure for the summer, in 2009 it was necessary to install security alarm system in the apartment. We just wanted to install it for the summer, for 3 months. But when we came back we realized that we feel more secure with “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” and we are their clients until now. We like it very much that they have individual approach to each customer. They are very loyal, and you can see that they value their customers. We are very satisfied with the security company “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība”.

Jury, Rīga.

We have been using security services of „Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” for one year already. Good price, a set of security equipment was installed for free. Quick response to telephone calls, in case the alarm system was on. Now I don’t even understand how we used to manage without security system in our apartment – it gives you additional security, you always know that your apartment is under protection. We are satisfied absolutely with everything. Recommend!

Olga, Riga

Hello! I am a "Baltic Security Service'' customer. I have been using technical services of this company 2 years already. I’d like to say that I am satisfied with " BSS'' security company provided services, for example: emergency team and arrival times, twenty-four-hour technical alarm service. Polite and in their field knowledgeable personnel, adequate equipment with special security means and weapons. It is very nice that your company has a lot of mobile crews and at the same time few crews can come to the place. Your company's central security control staff always report the events of my property and its condition (alarm, electricity, free reprint). It is a pleasure to work with one of the oldest security companies in Latvia. 

Vasiliy, Jelgava

I have been the customer of "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" almost 3 years. I am very happy about this company’s work. With a security system installed in the apartment for 3 years, nothing happened, no damage. There are very nice people working in this security company. Mobile crews arrive on site very quickly. Skilled workers. By phone you can receive answers to your questions. I am pleased to recommend cooperation with SIA "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" to my friends and acquaintances.

Sincerely, Julia.

“I am the customer of “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” since 2009 and I am very satisfied with the quality of provided services. When I moved to a new apartment, “Rīgas Apsardzes Sabierība” helped me to install and switch my security equipment in new apartment.”

Sincerely, Maris.

“I’m using technical security services of „Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” for my office. Recently, assemblers came to my office to change the security system battery, as the old one was quite aged. I was pleasantly surprised. I recommend everyone to use services of „Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība”.


I am your customer for over a year and I am satisfied with your services as well as the price. Alarm panel and sensors were installed very fast and qualitatively, also I was explained how everything works in a comprehensible way. In case there are any questions or some technical issues, you can call to „Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība” and all problems are solved very quickly. In case of emergency mobile crew arrives to the object very quickly and at the same time you are contacted to find out whether the alarm was not caused by fault of the owners (I had such a case), but no additional fee for false alarm was not taken. I wish good luck to you also in the future! Thank you!

Cynthia, Riga.

At the moment, I am very pleased with the cooperation with the security company "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība". Security company promptly and efficiently performs their duties. I am also pleased with the communication with the administration of the company and their methods of solving problems and different issues. I positively appreciate that the company proposes very attractive offers in the security sphere. It should be noted that in emergency situations, employees of SIA "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" act promptly and in the best way.

I would like to thank SIA "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" for a long and prosperous cooperation.

Roman, Riga