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Safety tips

The house should be cozy inside and impregnable fortress outside – this was known even to our ancestors. The first and the second conditions are interconnected and safety refers to one of the most important human needs. According to statistics, housings are exposed to machinations of the uninvited guests in most of the cases. They improve their skills in direct proportion to improvement of property protection methods. Thefts from apartments and houses, unfortunately, are very widespread and difficultly revealed types of crime.

How to make your beloved home a fortress and how to make dreams come true?
What is the best way to protect your property from criminals?

Security professionals of company "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" developed for you basic tips on protecting your property.

Let's take a look at your property and analyze key points of protection:

  • Front door

    The front door is the most attackable place in the house. 70% of penetrations in the apartment or house happen at the front door. So the first thing to do is to take care of a solid metal door with two modern locks and spy hole.

  • Keys:

    Never hide keys in easily accessible places: under the mat, in the mailbox, etc. Do not trust them to strangers. In case keys are lost, change the lock.

  • Windows and balconies:

    Leaving the apartment, always close windows and balcony doors. Equip windows and balcony doors with anti-breakage fittings and metal bars, especially it refers to the first and last floor, to the windows, close to which tubes, fire escapes etc. are located.
    Switching on the lights, close the windows with thick curtains, premises can be clearly seen from the street or from the house across the street.

  • Lighting

    Thieves do not like bright places. Think about lighting strategy. Many external lamps are powered by movement sensors and infrared rays and switch on with the appearance of a moving object.

  • Fence, garage and shed:

    High walls or fence, thorny green hedge frighten off thieves. Close the garage and shed, especially if they are connected to the apartment building. Do not leave working tools, ladders etc. unhidden – they can be used by criminals.

  • Strangers:

    Do not open the door and do not let unknown people in the apartment.
    Always check documents of people who represent employees of different services.
    When selling or renting an apartment or house, invite potential tenant or buyer only accompanied by the broker.

  • Vacation and weekend:

    Burglaries usually occur when a house or apartment is unoccupied. You should not tell everyone what time you are at work or when you plan to leave for vacation. A full mailbox is a sign that the hosts are not at home, so ask your friends or neighbors to pick up the mail, not to attract the attention of strangers. Use mode time switches that will turn on the lights, TV, etc. during your absence.

  • Neighbors:

    Meet and make friends with your neighbors, if you have not done it before. They first will notice a suspicious person near your door or hear the noise from your apartment. Anyhow, a sense of mutual aid will play only a positive role.

  • Values:

    Try not to store all valuables in the apartment, the possible hiding places are well known for experienced thieves. It is more reliable to keep large sums of money in the bank, for vacation time, you can use a bank cell. Record the numbers of expensive equipment, mark most valuable things. Get a safe, it must be securely fastened and masked.

  • Dog:

    The dog is known to be a good guard and a friend of man. Four-legged friend can react to foreign odors and voices in a radius of about 50 meters. Dogs are sensitive and warn about the danger; they scare away burglars from entering a house. The thieves usually bypass the apartment from where barking is heard.

  • Insurance:

    Insurance is one of options for safety housing. Year by year more and more property owners insure their houses against robberies. As an alternative short-term property insurance for the holidays can be mentioned. But the presence of the insurance policy is not a reason to reduce your own vigilance.

  • Technical security:

    One of the most effective steps to safety of your property is to equip your apartment or house with technical security elements: security and / or fire alarm, video surveillance system, intercom, etc. Today, the market offers all kinds of options for security systems and subsystems, and only a professional can understand them and choose the best option suitable for the solution of your problem.
    Remember! By installing an alarm system in the house or apartment, it should be used whenever the premises are left unattended, even if you go out just for 10 minutes. If a criminal tries to break into a house or apartment through a door, window or in some other way, alarm system will be activated, the alert will go to a central security control, and in shortest terms you'll be informed of the alarm, and mobile security group will arrive at the object.

  • Tips for families with children:

    Explain or remind your children safety rules at home and on the street.

    • Never open the door to the strangers;
    • Do not enter into the entryway and do not get into the elevator with strangers;
    • Do not talk to strangers, do not take gifts from them, do not get into their car, and do not invite them at home;
    • When it is dark, do not stay on the street without adult supervision;
    • Always notify, where and with whom you will be playing, whom you plan to visit, or what lesson you plan to attend;
    • Avoid casual contacts with peers, invitations to unfamiliar companies;
    • Inform parents about the time of returning home;
    • In case of danger always use the emergency phone number – "112".

It is important to maintain friendly and trusting relationships with a child, thus it will be easier for you to understand your child’s life, what he is concerned about, how and with whom he communicates, including the Internet.

Company "Rīgas Apsardzes Sabiedrība" security professionals recommend you to pay attention to the fact that protection of property against criminals is a whole range of measures. Security systems can lose their effectiveness if the information about their functioning will be in the hands of criminals. Be vigilant and take care of yourself and your family!