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Video surveillance

Video surveillance is necessary for the visual control of own property (apartment, private house, car) and situation in the house.

The main advantage of video surveillance systems is the possibility to react on the events, as well as video recording, storing and viewing of the records in the archive.

Video surveillance for house (cottage, summer cottage)

If it is required to ensure the safety of your property, not only inside, but also protect your property from the outside, then video surveillance allows you to keep track of all the processes on your site, even remotely.

Outdoor cameras have vandal-proof housing, are resistant to adverse environmental conditions. Rapid transmission of information to the DVR allows you to react to the actions of third parties and to prevent stealing attempts.

Video surveillance for apartment

To continuously monitor the processes in your apartment while you or your family members are away, the right decision is to install video surveillance system, especially if there are many unauthorized persons in the house or you have small children. Video cameras can be installed, for example, to monitor the status of the elderly people, in order to provide timely assistance.

Advantages of video surveillance system as a type of security:

  • Video surveillance systems can have multiple modes for continuous recording by set timer or motion detector;
  • For non-illuminated areas you can use cameras equipped with infrared illumination;
  • Modern video surveillance systems allow you to track occurring on site via the Internet;
  • Relevant design of video surveillance cameras allows them to fit into any interior.

Our specialists install video surveillance systems in any suburb of Riga, Jelgava, in Jekabpils and other regions of Latvia. Works are carried out quickly, based on your requirements and at the time convenient for you.

Warranty service of video surveillance systems is included in the price.

Order service for video surveillance system installation you can on our website or by contacting the security consultant by phone +800 08555. The technician will contact you to arrange a visit, on the basis of which you will be offered an option of video surveillance system installation exactly for your house or apartment.

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